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November 2013

The Black Ensemble Theater

On November 13, 2013 Leslie’s Place and Friends of Leslie’s Place was invited to the Black Ensemble Theater to see “Curtis Mayfield”. Located at 4420 N, Clark Chicago, IL. It was awesome and the Ladies really enjoyed themselves.

True Rock Ministries

On November 23, 2013 True Rock Ministries will be giving Leslie’s Place Turkeys and Clothing for the women. Also channel 5 News will be interviewing Leslie and Pastor Cranberry at 8am at the same event.

Chicago Daily Log Bulletin

On November 27, 2013 Ms. Jamie will be doing an interview with Leslie and some of the ladies from Leslie’s Place.

Sister-Friend Partnerships, Inc

On November 30, 2013 Sister-Friend Partnerships Inc have selected Leslie’s Place to pick up coats, clothing, and gifts at LaFolette Park located on the corner of Laramie and Potomac Ave, Chicago, IL 10am-1pm. Sister-Friend Partnerships Inc Presents: Acts of Kindness!!!!!!!!

August 2013

Alderman's Picnic

On August 24, 2013 our Alderman, Walter Burnett gave a back to school picnic, in Union Park, located on Ashland and Lake. School supplies were given to the children. There was plenty of delicious food!  The children had lots of fun.  Thank you Alderman Burnett, your staff, and many volunteers.

Leslie's Testimony

Leslie was invited to Central Memorial Baptist Church, located on the corner of Kedzie and Walnut. Rev Benjamin F. Turk is the Pastor.  It was the 39th Anniversary of the #2 and Jr. Nurses. The theme was, “Walking and Working to be a Servant”. It was an inspiring program. One of the residents from Leslie’s Place #2 attended, too. She was in Awe! She stated how encouraging the service was. The pastor’s wife asked for more information on Leslie’s Place and stated the Women’s Ministry could support us. Others shared how their hearts were blessed. Thank you Priscilla Jones, Program Chairperson for the invitation.

Remembering Margaret Rosetta

Margaret was a faithful, loving, giving person. She loved Leslie’s Place. She served on the Board of Directors for over 10 years. She went home to be with the Lord July 2013. She had a wonderful sense of humor and an Attitude to serve. She will be missed by many, yet never forgotten. Thank you for your unrelenting support and love.

July 2013

Chicago Sky

On July 2, 2013 Leslie’s Place was blessed to receive free tickets to the Chicago Sky game in the Woman's National Basketball Association. The Ladies were so excited. Many had experienced a live game. Some brought their children. We had lots and lots of fun. Thank you Sky. We will return on August 31st and September 6th.

Amish Festival

On July 27, 2013 we were invited to an Amish Festival at True Rock Ministries located at 15th and Wabash. The children had an activity table just for them. Many received balloons, candy and tattoos. The Jessie White Tumblers were there. They truly performed, and was very friendly! They had lots of different vendors and great food. Back Packs full of school supplies were given. Thank you pastor Grandberry and his lovely wife.

Black Ensemble Theater

On July 28, 2013 we received free tickets to the “Black Ensemble Theater, located at 4450 N, Clark Street. The show was “Ain’t No Crying the Blues in the Memory of Howling Wolf” starring Rick Stone. It was very exciting!!!! Many ladies never attended a live production. They laughed and sang and thanked me several times. Thank you Jackie Taylor for allowing us to attend we, praise God for your work and Kindness.

June 2013

Visit from Ben Gordon

June 22, 2013 Thanks to Pastor Grandberry of True Rock Ministries we received an awesome visit from Ben Gordon, former Bull’s NBA player. He now plays with the Bobcats. Yes, Michael Jordan is the coach! He was so pleasant! I was asked to share my testimony and how Leslie’s Place got started. He and the camera me were all ears. He was very interested!!! He stated was going to bring his fiancé and mother for a tour. He took lots of pictures with the ladies and me. We are looking forward to his return and support. Thank you Pastor Grandberry.

Gospel Concert

On Sunday June 30, 2013 We were blessed to Attend  “The save our children Gospel Concert”. It was a Fundraiser for a youth center presented by True Rock Ministries, Pastor Granberry and his wife. The concert was held at the “Harold Washington Cultural Center” located at 4701 S, King Drive. It was very inspiring!!! Effie Rolfe of WVON was the Ministries of ceremonies. George Winton, The Chicago Travelers, Arthur Sutton, The Gift of Praise, and Kim Stratton were among the awesome performers! Tickets were $40.00, VIP seating $60.00 and $80.00. Yes, we were blessed with VIP seating! Thanks to Ben Gordon who sponsored us. We had an Enjoyable, Praise good time.

Church Special Event for Leslie’s Place

On June 30, 2013 at 12:00 Leslie’s Place attended New Greater St.  John Church located at Division and Keeler. We were invited by Sue and Eric of The Good Times Kids. It was wonderful. The children perform several praise dances. The morning speaker talked about being in the army of God! Then Leslie was asked to share her testimony!! The Holy Spirit moved greatly! Then she was asked to remain seated up front. Many financial presentations were made. The Carol Stream Postal family gave cash $370.00, New Greater St. John presented a check for $300.00, The Good Times Kids gave a $100.00 and another organization Sue works with “Helping Hands” gave over $400.00 cash. Yes, we were in Awe!!! They were so friendly and caring. They loaded our cars with food since we could not stay to eat. The food was catered by Sue’s friend, and it was delicious!!! Thank you Sue, Eric and everyone who supported Leslie’s Place!!!