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October 2015

Black Ensemble Theater

On October 9, 2015, the women traveled to the Black Ensemble Theater to see "Black White Love."

Responses from the Women of Leslie's Place:

"Dear Ms. Brown,

Thank you for the night at the theater.  It was a treat beyond measure.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly.  You really turned around my stressful events of the week."


"Dear Ms. Brown,

Thank you so much for taking us to the Black Ensemble Theater to see Black White Love.  I really enjoyed the show and the venue was just wonderful.  The minimalism of the set really made the music, singing, acting, and choreography stand out.  I saved my program for my sister, a big Roger Ebert fan.  She has read his autobiography, and I would not be surprised if she took in a performance herself!  Thank you again for treating us to such a delightful evening."


March 2015

Black Ensemble Theater

On March 5th at 7:30 pm the ladies were invited to the Black Ensemble Theater located at 4450 N, Broadway, and Chicago, IL to see “The trial of Moses Fleet Wood Walker”. This was a memorable experience for the ladies. They were fascinated seeing a live show. This was truly a blessing for the ladies and we sincerely thank Jackie Taylor for the invitation and a wonderful opportunity.

Responses from the Women of Leslie's Place:

What I got out of the play that racism came from the 1800’s present all the way to now. That some people are still the same way was back in the Days and that you should not be judge by the color of your skin. Nice play.
- Rhonda

The play truly taught us how prejudice the court system was still is today. It also taught our history that Jackie Robinson wasn’t the first to play professional baseball as a black player. It was a remarkable play and very interesting. 
- Towan

I enjoyed the play it was history that I didn’t know anything about unreality Gamut is still in our every day lives.
    - Vanessa

New Progressive MBC

On March 11th at 6:00 pm the ladies of Leslie’s Place were invited to Mission Outreach (Ambassadors) for Christ at New Progressive MBC. Leslie Brown shared about Leslie’s Place. The ladies were also served dinner. Leslie’s Place was invited back to New Progressive MBC by the Missionary Board and Pam Franklin we truly thank Mission Outreach for the invitation the ladies had a joyful time.

True Rock Ministries

On March 27th the ladies were invited to True Rock Ministries located at 1547 S, Wabash. Leslie Brown spoke about Leslie’s Place the ladies were spiritual along with dinner being served they were also physically fed. We at Leslie’s Place thank Pastor Granberry and his wife for such a delightful evening.

February 2015

NAUW Pamper Day

On February 7th we were blessed to have the organization NAUW to pamper the ladies at Leslie’s Place. The women were excited. The group brought each one a gift bag along with boxes and boxes of paper products for the house. They did nails, hair and other things. We truly thank the president Ms. Stacy Wright and the others for coming.

New Progressive Missionary Baptist church

On February 14th Valentine’s Day New Progressive Missionary Baptist Church located at 9425 S, Perry Ave, Chicago, IL gave the ladies gifts bags with personal items and paper products for the house. We sincerely thank you Missionary Board and Pam Franklin for making this possible.