Leslie’s Place provides the resources desperately needed for women reconnecting with their lives and their loved ones:
  • Approximately 2,500 women are released yearly from the Illinois prison system. That's an average of fifty women each week starting over in the world, many of them with no place to go.

  • Eighty percent of incarcerated women are mothers of at least two children.

  • Since 1994, hundreds of women have lived at Leslie’s Place.

  • 70% have obtained employment.

  • 95% are successful recovering addicts.

  • 80% have participated in computer training.

  • 95% have participated in job readiness, parenting, and life skills workshops.

  • 95% were immediately reunited with their children at Leslie’s Place.

In the year 1983, there were only 386 women in the Illinois prison system.   Today, there are approximately 3,000, sixty percent of whom are from the Chicago area.